The InSITE Fellowship Program

Every year, a select number of top graduate students from the most prestigious universities in the United States are chosen to participate in a highly competitive leadership development program called the InSITE Fellowship.

The fellows come from a variety of educational backgrounds but with one thing in common: Ambition in the world of business, technology and venture capital. The cohorts are comprised of exceptional graduate students at top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Wharton (Penn), Stanford, and Washington University in Saint Louis.

Two-Year Fellowships in hand, these MBAs, JDs and Engineers interview high-potential startups to handpick their InSITE project. They seem to have a knack for selecting winners. For the exclusive group of just 750 alumni from the fellowship program, there is a whooping 750 million raised by those selected startups. 1:1 Million? Not a bad ratio..

The InSITE Fellowship...and Doorward

Doorward received this comm: “The InSITE Board is excited to offer Doorward admission as a client to the InSITE Fellowship Fall 2020. The board members really enjoyed reviewing your application this past week and believe you would be a great fit for the organization's projects and initiatives.”

Doorward had proposed an ambitious project around pricing and monetization refinement for the team of high powered MBA and JD students. A huge internal priority for the team is ensuring that the compensation for Doorward’s services is tied directly to the value customers are receiving.

The Doorward Team is excited for the opportunity to work with this dynamic team and hopes the project can be a real win-win: Incredible real-world experience for these future leaders and high high hopes for the future.

What's the Latest?

Update: The InSITE Team lead on the Doorward project was offered a job by McKinsey & Company immediately after graduation. Best wishes to Rodrigo!