The Path to Finalist

On Tuesday July 13, 2021, Doorward Inc was named as a finalist by Arch Grants - a StartUp Competition in Saint Louis whose mission is to “back extraordinary entrepreneurs because these believers and builders will contribute to a future that is limitless – for St. Louis and for the world.”

The team had been encouraged to submit Doorward for consideration because in the words of some of the competition’s judges “This software will be beneficial and great for real estate in St. Louis.”

Arch Grants’ Julia Campbell said: “We feel strongly that you and your company will be a tremendous addition to the St. Louis Startup Ecosystem, and that our services can be impactful to your company's development and growth in both the St. Louis area and beyond!”

The Importance of St. Louis

In their pitch, Jakubisin had commented how he had helped his university organize a volunteer trip to Saint Louis in 2014. It had been evident then that it was an amazing city not without its particular challenges. Yet much hope for more since there were many dynamic people working to develop the city. “There is a certain magnetism to that kind of mentality”, Jakubisin noted.

An Idea that Resonates

The team was pleased by the glowing praise their submission received. The judges - volunteers from the community or local VC firms - summed up their thoughts in the following ways “This is a good product and an ambitious team” “Compelling local and national market” and “There has been a need for this.”

With eyes towards the upcoming launch, the Doorward Team was grateful for the opportunity to share their story and the boost of confidence they received. Campbell added “We can't wait to see where you take your company from here!”